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Bowl ‘o chips for the weekend

February 26, 2005

Bowl ‘O Chips for the weekend – betcha can’t eat just one…

  1. Science for… dummies

  2. “Science” scaring the hell out of the Public Interest
  3. How things change
  4. Evils of technology

A stream-of-consciousness collection of topics just for fun.  Click the “read more” link to munch away…

1) Darksyd over at UTI has a great article on the economic and military importance of science:  Science for right-wing dummies.  Is it ironic that I’d post the link right after Clint Eastwood’s comment in the previous post?  Not really.  Dark is referring to people who want to promote ignorance in the name of a religious agenda.

2) On organization with the weighty name of “Center for Science in the Public Interest” is out to convince you that “salt is a forgotten killer” and companies should be hit with regulations to limit salt content.  I just loved this quote:

“The key to lowering sodium is not so much admonishing consumers as requiring manufacturers and restaurants to use less salt.”
- Michael Jacobson, CSPI director

Got that?  People can’t be trusted to make their own choices even when informed of the risks.  We have to make it impossible to choose!  (Trust me, if there’s enough demand, food producers will do anything to sell food.  Witness the whole loony “carb” scare.) 

The problem is not salt, it’s that we’re eating more salt than our bodies can release.  We don’t exercise, so we don’t sweat much.  Spend a few hours a week on a stairmaster and watch that killer high blood pressure come down (and your general sense of well-being go up!) 

Not to say we couldn’t use salt more sparingly.  There’s a whole world of spices out there!

How does CSPI get so much publicity and traction?  Precisely because people avoid science in school and in daily life.  So they don’t spot the nonsense in press releases from an organization with “Science” in its name.

3) I went to the coffee shop this afternoon, driving my ‘67 VW Beetle.  At the gas station, a tough-looking guy in a black leather jacket smiled at me and said:

“Hey, buddy, nice car!”
“Thanks!” (I wave back)

Funny, but when it was built, it was a cheap car with no luxury features at all – just basic transportation.  37 years later, so few cars on the road have any recognizable style at all that it’s considered “cool” to drive one.  VW even makes a parody of it on the VW Golf chassis.

It’s also considered somewhat insane to drive one.  Todays’ cars get better gas mileage, pollute less, are much safer, quieter… but I enjoy the old Beetle.

4)  Finally, this post over on Mostly Cajun, “What are you gonna live on?” pretty much sums up how I feel about the evils of technology.

Our use of technology does need to be a bit smarter (Why do we let all that wind power just go to waste? And who needs a 350 hp SUV to buy groceries?  Stuff like that.) but the “Good Old Days” sucked.

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  1. February 27, 2005 at 01:12 | #1

    Gee, thanks for the link!

    One of these days I may talk about wind power, but I’ll be forced to mention Teddy Kennedy and Walter Cronkhite opposing a wind farm in the waters near New England…


  2. March 1, 2005 at 02:02 | #2

    I was just thinking about your salty ‘chips’—even water is bad for you if you drink too much!

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