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Coming soon: Google’s shiny new Chrome browser

September 1, 2008

Google is coming out with a new, open-source browser optimized for web applications.  Check out the introductory comic book.  I found that it loaded very slowly – you might try downloading the .pdf.

The semi-technical ‘comic book’ is drawn by Scott McCloud – I have a couple of his books on comic art.  I actually recognized his drawing style right away; how geeky is that?

This is actually big news.  Funny thing is, it would even benefit Microsoft if they know enough to take advantage of it.

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  1. RayM
    September 2, 2008 at 06:02 | #1

    I find it somewhat ironic that the very first panel of the comic mentions “standards” as though that is the solution to all browser problems. Standards (i.e. HTTP) have been in place since the beginning of the web – indeed HTTP *is* the web – but Microsoft’s continued non-adherence to those standards has been pretty much the largest contributor to many of the problems we see today.

    Why would Google think that MS is going to change its attitude?

  2. September 2, 2008 at 06:20 | #2

    MS had better change its attitude.  In one of the frames, a developer-narrator says; “I don’t care if it means one less cool feature, I want this thing to be rock solid.”  That’s exactly what businesses want.

    I like the description of each tab having its own process instead of all the tabs in one increasingly ragged (and insecure) process. The browser then becomes a process manager with the ability to cut power to a misbehaving tab and reclaim all the memory.

  3. September 2, 2008 at 22:50 | #3

    Google Chrome is da shit!!! If other browser companies knew what was good for them they would take a cue from Google. They know how to write solid, easy to use, non-bloated, and FAST code.

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