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Political funnies for Saturday

August 23, 2008

An oldie but goodie comedy routine from ‘down under’ – the front of the ship fell off!  But rest assured that’s very unusual. 

Certainly would bear on the question of drilling in fragile ecosystems. Hat-tip to Revere.

Regular-guy John McCain spends every year more on gardeners and servants than your house is worth, if you are an ‘average American’.  So who does the word “we” refer to when he says; “Celebrities don’t have to worry about family budgets. But we sure do.”?  Maybe that elitist Obama can explain it to us. 

By the way, Obama picked Biden.  I’m OK with that.

The right-windbag blogosphere is buzzing over Obama’s comment the other day praising China’s infrastructure improvements.  But the quote they use sort of cuts off in mid-thought. (Big surprise, right?  But that’s GOPSOP).  Anybody know where I can find a transcript of the whole speech, or even a longer video clip?

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  1. August 24, 2008 at 10:13 | #1

    We must have connected thru Elitist Bastardry…
    In any case, thanks for the link. 
    GOPSOP.  I love the way it sounds.

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