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With the right marketing…

February 22, 2005

Do we need any more proof that there’s a whole class of pretentious people with lots of money but no taste?  Ok, here’s some:  a 4-year-old girl named Marla Olmstead does abstract paintings, which sell for $15,000.

Her mother is an artist, so naturally the child wanted to play with brushes.  Take a look at her gallery and see what you think. 

It’s pretty obvious who’s the driving force here… BBC News Online reports that her family says they see “elements of Jackson Pollack in her work.”  Do they, now?  Hey, I think my kids are pretty great, too. 

But to tell the truth, I never got Pollack, and I can’t believe a 4-year old named her paintings, “Fire Already,” “Ode to Pollack,” “Triptonic,” or “Asian Sun.”  More believable are the ones named “dinosaur,” “Face,” and “Monster.”

I actually like some of her paintings.  If one of my kids had done them, I’d be pretty happy about it, too.  But I don’t know the right people (or have sufficiently exploitive instincts) to push my 4-year-old kid onto the international stage just because I could.

“Despite prompting from her father, a giggling Marla refused to talk to BBC News Online about her work.”

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  1. February 23, 2005 at 00:21 | #1

    I actually think the paintings are really good.  Technically their nothing special but she must have some innate ability for composition.  I’ve seen work by much older art students (my sister’s an art student so I go to the shows held at the local art college quite often) that are no where as good as the stuff by the little girl.  That said, I too find it somewhat troubling that a 4 year old is being forced onto the global stage.  Children need a chance to be kids and being thrust upon the art world at 4 doesn’t leave much opportunity for that.

  2. February 23, 2005 at 00:22 | #2

    errr….  I just noticed a typo, the “their” in my second sentence should be a “they’re”….

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