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Larry Gonick’s new comic(s)

June 18, 2008

I’m a huge fan of Larry Gonick and his Cartoon Guides… to the Universe, to Physics, to Sex, to Statistics, to Chemistry, to… well lots of stuff… he is truly a Renaissance man.  And to borrow a phrase from his Cartoon Guide to Non-Communication, “Now this:”

Dear Fans,
I’ve just launched a new comic strip, Raw Materials, on the Discovery Channel’s web site. It’s a li’l 4-panel number that features four budding scientist-type kids. Check it out!

Yea!  But wait, there’s more… while hunting up the graphic to use for this post I found out he already had two other comics I didn’t know about; Commoners, and Kokopelli and Company.  All three, just now added to my sidebar Comics links.  Enjoy!

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