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June 15, 2008

What?!!! I thought it was every American’s duty to spend, spend, spend:

“Given the way gas prices were going, the way traffic is, the difficulty of parking, I realized a car just wasn’t that cost-effective,” said Glynn, 41, a 5th-grade teacher in Bucktown. “So I never got around to buying another car.”
- Chicago Tribune: More commuters choose to pedal right past pumps, 15jun08

Yeah!  What he said!



  1. Ingolfson
    June 16, 2008 at 07:23 | #1

    Yeah, the prices here in NZ are even higher, and you would expect there to be some support for cycling and public transport, but no.

    Heck, the Nationals (that’s the conservatives, opposition right now) are already screwing Auckland’s public transport improvements without even being in power (they managed to cinch the funding to a FUEL TAX, so of course now nobody wants to risk political anger to provide public transport by making fuel even more expensive!). Makes you cry. At least I can walk to work!

    Captcha is “turn”. Wonder if there will be a real turn or if people will eventually get used to it and simply go on as they do. Forget that, they ARE doing it. Small trends like this notwithstanding.

    Cynical rant over.

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