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Steering by idiocy

April 29, 2008


A helicopter was flying around Seattle when an electrical malfunction disabled all of the aircraft’s electronic navigation and communications equipment.

Due to the clouds and haze, the pilot could not determine the helicopter’s position. The pilot saw a tall building, flew toward it, circled, and held up a handwritten sign that said “WHERE AM I?” in large letters. People in the tall building quickly responded to the aircraft, drew a large sign, and held it in a building window. Their sign said “YOU ARE IN A HELICOPTER.”

The pilot smiled, waved, looked at his map, determined the course to steer to SEATAC airport, and landed safely. After they were on the ground, the copilot asked the pilot how he had done it.

“I knew it had to be the Microsoft Building because they gave me a technically correct, but completely useless answer.”

(Hat tip to A Normal Backyard, who has been photographing the Spring return of migratory birds to his yard)

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  1. April 30, 2008 at 04:59 | #1

    That nearly had my computer wearing my dinner!  LOL.  I’ll tell you one thing, Microsoft folks haven’t a patch on the people who programmed the registers I used to work on.  With Microsoft, you get “The system has recovered from a fatal error” blah blah blah.  With those registers, you just got:  “I’M DEAD”.  Funny in retrospect, but not a great message to walk in to half an hour before opening!

  2. April 30, 2008 at 07:28 | #2

    Gotta love it! If this one goes missing, you can probably find it on display over at my place…

  3. Rostyslav
    April 30, 2008 at 11:00 | #3

    The answer “YOU ARE IN A HELICOPTER.” is really useless!!!! :lol:

  4. Abhilasha
    May 1, 2008 at 14:32 | #4

    Hmmm But what about that person who was in the helicopter on his choice…most prob crashed the controls due to some stupid mistake of his own and yet managed to blame the poor tech support person who was just trying to help

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