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I don’t know what could be funnier than…

April 2, 2008

I don’t know what could be funnier than watching FOX News rooting for Hillary because they’re in Full Panic Mode over Obama.  They think McCain has a chance against Hillary and they could be right.  They’re even pushing the idea of an Obama/Hillary ticket.  Anything to get Hillary on the “Democrat party” ticket.

In other news, the US is becoming slightly more popular overseas.  I’m gonna take a wild guess that the success of the Obama campaign has a lot to do with that.  ‘Cause that’s the only thing that’s different lately; Bush is still a sanctimonious jerk, still taking no serious action on carbon emissions, still stuck in a pointless war, and we’re overrun with religious zealots.  But we have a man equipped with a working moral compass running for president and making some headway at it.  That’s got to help.  Or maybe it’s because we’re starting to forgive France for being too stupid to go along with our Big Iraqi Adventure.

Well don’t get too excited; our overseas fan club has “surged” all the way from 31% to 35%.

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  1. Ted
    April 3, 2008 at 08:27 | #1

    They think McCain has a chance against Hillary and they could be right.

    Why? Even Richard Mellon Scaife has warmed up to Hillary. I don’t see him chumming up with Obama.

    Could it be that she’s the more mainstream candidate? That sounds odd because she’s stronger (more socialist) on healthcare than Obama, but Obama has these strange and dangerous ideas that he’s been exposed to while sitting in that pew, listening to fiery and angry sermons—these ideas could put a subversive right into the White House. Ideas that Hillary would certainly distance herself from.

  2. james old guy
    April 3, 2008 at 10:37 | #2

    Well call me stunned. They surveyed 17000 people in 34 country‚Äôs in 90 days.  That as of 11:30 this morning according to the world clock, about %.000255 of the worlds population. Polls are for people who like to follow crowds. Obama will love it.

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