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Computerized assault

March 29, 2008

Via Slashdot, here is a link to a Wired.com story about the sickest example of computer hacking I’ve ever heard of.  Allegedly, someone put some posts a message board for the Epilepsy Foundation which included flashing lights.  Flashing things can cause seizures and migraines in a small percentage of epileptics, and apparently did cause symptoms in a few individuals.  Things like this really make me wonder what goes on the minds of some people.  What on Earth would possess anyone to do this?  I hope that the person or people responsible for this are caught, and charged with assault.  For severe epileptics, seizures can be deadly, so maybe an attempted murder charge would be in order as well.

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  1. james old guy
    April 1, 2008 at 10:26 | #1

    I still don’t understand the light punishment that goes with hacking crimes. In this day and age hacking should be on the same level as being a horse thief was back in the 1880s and treated with the same punishment. Hanging a few hackers might just get the message across to some of these sicko’s.

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