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Candorville on Offense

March 29, 2008

The main character in ‘Candorville’ is Lemont, a cartoonist living in modern times.  Incensed by the Secret Service decision to stop screening the crowd for weapons at an Obama rally in Dallas (of all places) he decides to travel back in time to 1865 to persuade a cartoonist named Thomas Nast to advocate for better security for Abraham Lincoln.  Nast agrees, but is shot down by his editor:

Thomas Nast… hadn’t I heard that name somewhere?  Turns out I had, in my dim memories of college history.  If you click his name link above, you’ll probably recognize some of his cartoons – they’re all over the history books.

(You can read the rest of the Lamont-Nast story at the Candorville link, for a while at least.  Comic sites usually keep stuff up for about a month.)

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