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Here’s why standards are important

January 3, 2008

“Oh, that was a Lance Armstrong bracelet?  I’m sorry!”

Patients’ Near Misses: Some Hospital’s ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Wristbands Look Like Lance Armstrong ‘Livestrong’ Bracelets

Actually it’s only one of many reasons why standards are important.  And since standards can persist for a long, long time, it’s important to study the problem carefully before calling for one to be established.  Generally you want to do some testing, some tracking, engage industry experts, theorists, and users too.  It isn’t something you want to rush.

Of course, there could be a pointy-headed bureaucrat who can’t tell the difference between this vital process and a medical experiment.  Then, no matter how much money you’re saving, no matter how many lives you save, he’ll shut you down.  It’s just a service they offer.