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Be nice to tigers

December 26, 2007

By now you’ve heard of the tiger attack at the San Francisco zoo.  Tatiana the tiger had a history of bad temper (bit a keeper’s arm off last year), and apparently leaped over a 15-foot moat and a 20-foot wall to attack three young men.

Early reports I saw on Faux news this morning indicated the young men may have been “taunting” the tiger.  If that turns out to be true, Tatiana did San Francisco a favor by ridding the city of at least one miscreant who would taunt a caged animal.  The other two are expected to survive but I bet they’ll never do that again.

Every year or so I hear reports of some moron climbing into a zoo cage to commune with an animal that could rip them in half, and the predictable thing happens.  This is the first I’ve ever heard of the animal simply becoming pissed off enough to breach barriers designed to keep it contained.  That’s one hell of a leap.

Unfortunately Tatiana was shot by a policeman.  Many people asked the question “couldn’t they have used tranquilizer darts” but the answer is “yes, assuming quite a number of things went exactly right”. 


  • Greg Laden examines our very concept of “wild” animals in Tatiana is telling us something

  • Chris Clarke gets right to the point in Close the San Francisco Zoo
  • It looks like the guard wall was shorter than recommended.  But what about the wall of decency in our society that would keep anyone from taunting a caged animal?  Has that ever been tall enough?


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  1. December 29, 2007 at 13:02 | #1

    You know I wonder if the same people that taunt large animals are stupid enough to taunt the big bully in their school? Prolly not. Which makes me ask, “WTF were you thinking when you thought it would be fun to taunt the beast?

    I say we all move on from this and offer up a Darwin Award!

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