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Sarah Palin calls Hillary Clinton

September 24, 2008 1 comment

I’m inclined to laugh at Sarah Palin…

…except ignorance and an anti-freedom agenda are a dangerous mix. (HT Greg Laden)

But maybe she has inner positives we just have not seen yet.  How could we, since the ‘barracuda’ has been kept safe from the press ever since the McCain campaign found out that she, well, isn’t VP material?  Let her out of the cage, man.  FREE SARAH PALIN!

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July 17, 2008 6 comments

Doh!  VW Bug memed me.  Not a terribly difficult one, so here we go.  The rules are:

  1. Write the title to your own memoir using exactly six words.
  2. Post it on your blog.
  3. Link to the person who tagged you.
  4. Tag five other bloggers.

Well here’s mine:

He liked bikes
Better than cars

Hmm… who to tag with this literary launch?.  I prefer self-selected taggage:

He tagged only
readers who volunteered

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I’m starting to worry

July 1, 2008 2 comments

What if the Large Hadron Collider fails to produce the black hole we’ve all been promised, and we actually have to go on and solve our problems?

(C’mon, it’s not that different from hoping the Second Coming will put an end to all this.  Maybe we should just get busy on solving our problems.)

Update: Lucas sends a link that proposes another source of hope

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Watch out for elitists!

June 13, 2008 1 comment

Only one of those latte-drinking, McGovern-loving, book-reading, science-learning commie liberal elitists would bother to write an actual post on a Friday.  Regular guys, hard-working folks, trustworthy Americans like me just grab any old link sent in by an Alert Reader and post it here:

Stephen Colbert; The Elitist Menace Among Us

(You have to sit through a short advertisement at the beginning of the video.  But only an elitist would be bothered by that.  Pass the black coffee…)

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What time is it?  Oh, who cares…

May 25, 2008 9 comments

I appreciate punctuality as much as the next guy, but apparently not as much as the next Swiss guy.  BBC News posts a very amusing article on Swiss punctuality:

…despite the national enthusiasm for punctuality, Swiss companies are now trying to formalise the timekeeping of their employees and there is currently a boom in time management software…

Yeah, that’s what the Swiss need – better time management.  It’s a very funny – or possibly very sad – article.  If the writer is even partially correct, the Swiss are an entire nation on the verge of culturally-induced mental illness. The writer wonders how the Swiss are going to react to the different time-habits of thousands of Euro2008 “football” fans.  Hope he writes a follow-up article.

Maybe they just need to relax and listen to some Chicago

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The Empire Strikes Barack

May 2, 2008 2 comments

It’s difficult to imagine what campaigning would look like in a Galaxy Far Away (video below the fold)…

(Hat tip to Greg Laden)

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Steering by idiocy

April 29, 2008 4 comments


A helicopter was flying around Seattle when an electrical malfunction disabled all of the aircraft’s electronic navigation and communications equipment.

Due to the clouds and haze, the pilot could not determine the helicopter’s position. The pilot saw a tall building, flew toward it, circled, and held up a handwritten sign that said “WHERE AM I?” in large letters. People in the tall building quickly responded to the aircraft, drew a large sign, and held it in a building window. Their sign said “YOU ARE IN A HELICOPTER.”

The pilot smiled, waved, looked at his map, determined the course to steer to SEATAC airport, and landed safely. After they were on the ground, the copilot asked the pilot how he had done it.

“I knew it had to be the Microsoft Building because they gave me a technically correct, but completely useless answer.”

(Hat tip to A Normal Backyard, who has been photographing the Spring return of migratory birds to his yard)

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What would Dr. Seuss say?

April 3, 2008 1 comment

In an episode of Third Rock From The Sun, visiting alien John Lithgow discovers Theodore Geisel, AKA “Dr. Seuss”, and exclaims; “This man is a genius!!!”

And he was.  I think every time you read a Dr. Seuss poem or book to a child, a million or so new brain cells are created (probably in both reader and child).  But with the exception of the animated Grinch, movies based on Geisel’s books are a dismal failure.  What if the beloved poet could see what we are doing to his work?

Courtesy of The Onion, what would Geisel say?!  How about
Stop making movies of my books!

Did you learn all but squat from The Cat In The Hat?
Please tell me you fired the prick who made that.
I would have stopped writing, maybe sold Goodyear tires.
If I knew one dark day I’d costar with Mike Myers…

Go read the whole thing! Enjoy! 

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A less serious frame on “Expelled”

March 29, 2008 1 comment

If you’ve been following the Expelled kerfluffle (in which a notorious biology professor was pre-emptively kicked out of a screening of a creationist propaganda film to which he was invited)  this should bring you up to speed:

Dawkins as Eminem? (maybe – it’s not like I have a comprehensive knowledge of rap stars)… The dancing Darwin at the end was my favorite part.

The good outcome from all this is that it seems to have been cathartic for the biology professor in question; he’s writing good stuff again like he used to a couple years ago.  Oh, he’s still a jerk, that hasn’t changed.  But it does seem to have blown the carbon off the valves for him.

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Gay scientists close to isolating “Christian gene”

March 24, 2008 Comments off

This has been making the rounds and it gave me a chuckle…

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