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Swimming underground in Darfur

July 22, 2007

Three science-related links:

  • Lots of pesticides are neurotoxins.  Lots of schools use them prophylactically.  Could small doses be contributing to children’s ADHD?  (For that matter, I wonder if it has something to do with autism.  This is one example of neurotoxins in our environment other than the thimerosol in vaccines, more commonly blamed.)

  • An enormous underground lake – the size of lake Erie – has been discovered in Darfur.  That’ll solve all the problems in that region, right?  Or does genocide have as much to do with human nature as with climate change?  Will ignorance and prejudice win out over a cool, clear, refreshing opportunity?  Stay tuned.
  • Women are underrepresented in math and the sciences, I’m guessing for reasons of culture rather than aptitude.  The Girl Scouts are trying to do something about it.  They even have a parent’s guide, which is pretty decent.

Question: how long will it take for us to stop socializing girls to avoid science and math?  Or for that matter, to a lesser extent, boys?

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  1. Ted
    July 22, 2007 at 14:29 | #1

    It’s about time that Africa got some good bottled water.

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